Neck Pain

Neck Pain

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Neck pain can range from mild and uncomfortable to nagging to unbearable. Anyone who suffers from neck pain can relate to the well-known euphemism “pain in my neck” when describing something unpleasant because suffering from neck pain can truly affect you in every aspect of life. If you suffer from neck pain, stiffness, discomfort, pain into the arms and upper shoulders to any degree then there is something abnormal occurring.

Understanding the Neck Pain

The neck is called the cervical spine. It consists of seven small vertebrae that begin at the base of the skull (head) and goes down to meet the thoracic vertebra (upper back) at the level of the shoulders. Incredibly, the neck supports the entire weight of your head, which is approximately 12lbs – essentially the weight of a bowling ball! The cervical spine has many muscular attachments that allow you to move your head in nearly every direction. While this amount of flexibility is essential for functioning it also makes the neck susceptible to pain and injury.

Why Do I Have Neck Pain?

The neck’s susceptibility to injury is due in part to biomechanics. Events and activities that affect biomechanics include poor posture, extended sitting, cell phone and computer use, poor ergonomics, accidents, falls, normal aging and wear and tear. Once the biomechanics have been affected the head is then pushed forward out over the neck, which causes strain and undue work for the muscles holding it up. Your now 12lb head being held by seven small vertebrae now becomes a 32lb head or even a 42lb head.  For a time the muscles in the neck can compensate and adapt and for a while change in posture with or without pain will be present. Eventually, though, with the head being too far forward the small vertebra have a higher potential to wear down and nerves can get pinched along with discs bulging or herniating. If they already have worn down it’s never too late to change biomechanics and improve pain levels and function.

Can My Neck Pain Be Helped?

Residents of the Stuart, Palm City, and Treasure Coast it is never too late to help neck pain; it is a treatable condition. Once the doctors at Back In Action Medical Center determine the cause of your neck pain, the team of physicians will customize a treatment plan for you. Treatment is specific to each individual and aimed at not only treating the symptoms (i.e. pain!), but also treating the CAUSE! Treating the cause of your neck pain will give you the best outcome for you now and your future health, ensuring a better quality of life.