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Do you live in StuartPalm City or the Treasure Coast and deal with knee pain? We can help.

Knee pain is caused by damage to your bones, tendons or ligaments of the knee or to the muscle and nerve groups that surround the joint. The damage can be painful, and it can drastically reduce your ability to perform many functions and daily tasks.

Our goal is to restore your health without invasive surgery or expensive medications. We will collaborate with you to develop a set of goals to restore your health and ability to function. We know that a knee injury can be an obstacle to regular daily functioning, and we will help heal your injury and restore your life as quickly as possible.

You will receive top-notch health care without the unwanted side effects. At Back In Action Medical, our medical staff will use diagnostic tools, such as a detailed medical history, complete physical examination, and medical imaging to find the source of your pain and tissue damage. We’ll locate the source of your pain and treat the underlying cause, rather than mask the symptoms.

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Diagnosing Knee Pain

We use a variety of tools to diagnose the precise cause, location, and nature of your injury.

X-rays are quick tests that show a clear picture of the joint bones and tissues.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can take between 15 to 60 minutes and provides a more detailed picture.

EMG (Electromyography) is a test that measures the electrical activity in your muscles.

A Better Quality of Life

We’ll help you recover from your painful knee injury. As your injury heals and your muscles regain their strength, you’ll discover a radical improvement in your quality of life. As part of your rehabilitation therapy, you may receive some of the following services:

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