Rehabilitative services are the key to healing and preventing reinjury.

Rehabilitation Services Are Appropriate for Many Conditions:

Rehabilitative Services

At Back In Action Medical, rehabilitative services are the key to healing and preventing reinjury.

What Are Rehabilitative Services?

Rehabilitative services help regain and maintain your normal physical functioning. Once you’ve received treatment for your health condition, you will undergo rehabilitative services to strengthen muscles or relearn skills that you lost when your body was injured.

Studies have shown that without rehabilitation of injured areas, recovery from an acute injury or chronic condition takes longer, and the potential for reinjury remains high. Our doctors are specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and our goal is to help you maintain your proper health and functioning once you’ve recovered from an injury.

We believe that in any treatment plan, once the underlying cause of pain is identified and corrected, rehabilitation is the next logical step.
You will strengthen muscles and regain your mobility and range of motion. You will work with our experienced medical staff to develop pain-free movement and regain your quality of life.
You will avoid unnecessary prescription medications and expensive surgeries. Conventional medicine tends to treat neck and back pain with surgery, but our goal is to provide top-notch health care without the expense and side effects.
You will play an active role in your own recovery. Through your customized care plan, you’ll invest in your physical outcome and be an active collaborator with our team as your body regains its health and vitality.
Our medical staff will collaborate with you to determine your physical goals and perform ongoing progress assessments. You may need several appointments to complete your treatment plan and meet your health goals.

With rehabilitative services, you’ll be able to resume your regular activities and do the things you enjoy!

Your Rehabilitation Therapy Program

Specially designed exercises and stretches will help rebuild your muscles and avoid pain. Exercise programs may be designed to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and range of motion. In situations where certain muscle groups have been overworked to compensate for an injury, the weakened muscle group will be exercised in order to recover a balanced body and proper posture.
Manual therapy involves hands-on, therapeutic procedures designed to promote blood flow, relaxation, and healing in injured areas. It’s an ideal solution to problems in the connective tissue of the musculoskeletal system.
Nutrition counseling can help you learn how to manage your diet and reach goals concerning weight loss or food allergies.
Heat or ice can help reduce pain and inflammation and increase mobility.
Natural pain management methods may include topical creams and medical massage.