There are solutions to your weight loss problem.

Isn’t it time you start putting yourself first? With a health team ready to help move you toward weight loss success, you’ll never be alone. At Back in Action, we want to help you feel vibrant and energetic – and regain your in-shape body through medically supervised weight loss. If you live in the StuartPalm City or Treasure Coast area it’s time to take your life back!

Losing weight naturally is not just about counting calories. Excess body fat not only affects the way you look, but it can greatly reduce your energy levels, negatively affect your long-term health, and lower your confidence and sense of well-being. Losing the extra weight — and keeping it off — is important to keep your body healthy and full of energy.

Back in Action medical weight loss programs provide you with the right balance of nutrition necessary to boost metabolism. Your tailored nutrition plan will give you the proper combination of proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fat. Plus we’ll monitor your blood sugar level to stimulate fat-burning hormones for maximum weight loss. Your body will preserve proper functioning and optimal energy to maintain a healthy weight.

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A scientific approach to weight loss.

Medical weight loss is based on the scientific principles that uncover the true cause of your weight gain or obesity. Your board-certified, personal weight loss coach will help you achieve and sustain a healthy weight in the long-term.

One-size-fits-all diet programs are not how most patients reach their weight loss goals. Many diet programs advertise to the masses. This means that certain diet programs are built to work, at some degree, for all people. But, that’s not always the case because no two people are alike.

Say good-bye to yo-yo diets! Instead of diets that are cyclical or on-and-off in nature, we’ll help you find a more permanent solution to help you lose weight. Your personal coach at Back in Action will help build a customized diet through one-on-one nutritional counseling. We’ll create a plan based on your medical needs, your activity level, and your own preferences. We call this Nutrition for Life – and not just a quick diet for a few weeks.

A small change in diet can create a big change in both appearance and mental outlook. Our physician-directed weight loss plans help our patients focus on functional, holistic, and nutritional balance.

That means no drugs, no diet pills, no surgery, and no temporary weight loss solutions.

The First Step

Detoxification of the organs in your body is an important first step in losing weight. A natural detoxification will cleanse your body of from toxic matter that settles in your stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, colon, and liver.  A detoxification works by using enzymes that also help break down fat and sugars and reduce inflammation. Our medical team recommends this approach for any patient who needs to lose weight and cleanse their system.

Hormone Balancing for Weight Loss

Despite your best efforts, a metabolic or preexisting condition can easily be hampering your weight loss efforts. If you’re experiencing weight loss resistance, our board-certified physicians will investigate any need for hormone balancing. Through hormone checking and balancing, we can discover a hidden problem and create a solution to spur rapid, long-lasting weight loss.

Your Initial Consultation

During your first visit, we’ll perform initial evaluations and get to know your personal desires. We treat each patient as an individual. No two people are alike in their body structure and family or social upbringing or circumstances. So no two natural weight loss plans are alike. Here’s what you can expect when you come for your first visit:

  • Evaluate the function of all body systems
  • Perform lab tests (as necessary)
  • Review current medications/supplements
  • Gauge current nutritional intake
  • Discuss family medical history
  • Consider social history/life circumstances
  • Check hormone, thyroid, testosterone levels
  • Verify vitamin and mineral levels
  • Confirm good vs. bad cholesterol levels

You’re Not Alone

Whether you are 100 or more pounds overweight or you just need to lose those last stubborn 10 pounds, Back in Action is your partner for medical weight loss. Through individual medically supervised weight loss at Back in Action, you’ll get a personalized plan every step of the way. A healthy and effective weight loss plan can be as individual as a fingerprint. You’ll get your own tailored weight loss plan that addresses hormone needs and detoxification as well as nutritional intake. Don’t waste another day!

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