Have you been diagnosed and treated for Hypothyroidism but are still experiencing symptoms?

Are you a resident of Stuart, Palm City, or the Treasure Coast and diagnosed with Hypothyroidism? Taking your medication properly and still having symptoms of hypothyroidism? Wonder why you can’t lose the weight, find energy to get through the day, feel depressed/anxious, still struggle with dry skin, insomnia, hair falling out, low libido…even though you’re doing everything ‘right’?

If you’re ready to find answers to questions ‘standard of care’ conventional medicine hasn’t been able to explain then you need a functional medicine practitioner to discover the root cause of your symptoms and problems.

You may have noticed the term “functional medicine” becoming more popular. What is functional medicine, how is it different from regular medicine, and why is it important to know about when managing hypothyroidism? Functional medicine addresses hypothyroidism by looking at the root causes rather than masking symptoms with drugs or surgery.

By looking at root causes of hypothyroidism, you improve your energy, sleep, vitality, and even libido. This is why seeing a functional medicine doctor for hypothyroidism can also improve your brain function, gut issues, and hormone balance. Everything in the body works together.

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Root Causes: Address the engine, not the engine light.

If the engine light of your car comes on, do you find a way to turn off the engine light, or do you investigate under the hood?

That analogy works for functional medicine and hypothyroidism Functional medicine is not about giving you a drug for a symptom, but instead investigating why you have that symptom and working on that instead.

For example, suppose 10 different people have the same complaint, whether it is depression, fatigue, digestive problems, or persistent skin rashes. Each of those 10 people can have the same symptom, but for 10 very different reasons.

An overgrowth of gut bacteria may be causing depression in one person, while it is a gluten intolerance in another.

With hypothyroidism, it is helpful to look at the underlying causes that led to the development of the thyroid disease and address those.

You must know why you have hypothyroidism.

Until you understand why you are suffering from hypothyroidism, chasing after drugs or therapies can keep landing you at dead ends.

Functional medicine relies on published, peer-reviewed science to help us understand how the body works and where breakdowns occur.

Lab tests, questionnaires, in-office exams, and a discussion about your case history help the functional medicine practitioner learn where the root cause of your hypothyroidism lies.

Five common root causes of Hypothyroidism

Although different people can have the same symptom for different reasons, functional medicine often finds common root causes. Some of them are:

    • Autoimmunity (when the immune system attacks and destroys body tissue). In most people, hypothyroidism is caused by thyroid autoimmunity, which causes high TSH.
    • Food intolerances, especially to gluten and dairy
    • Low blood sugar
    • High blood sugar (insulin resistance, or pre-diabetes)
    • Intestinal bacterial, yeast overgrowths, and leaky gut

Addressing one or all of these factors, depending on the person, can help you better manage your symptoms of hypothyroidism.

There are no specialties in the human body.

The body is a highly complex web in which all systems and parts are related.

The body does not have specialties in the way medicine does. The digestive system — or any other system in the body — does not function independently of the rest of the body.

For instance, if an autoimmune disease is destroying the thyroid gland causing high TSH, it’s not just the thyroid you address, but also the immune system. If the gallbladder is acting up, addressing a gluten intolerance and chronic inflammation can sometimes prevent invasive treatments.

For instance, with hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto’s disease, it’s not just the thyroid you address, but also the immune system.

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